Spring 2019 - the yards!

Jo's back door, virginia bluebells, moonlight hydrangea

a peak at the new holly hedge and across the back porch

pin flowers amongst the sedam, better look at the holly hedge

azeleas border the hydrangea

and trying to invite a toad for the toad home . . .

all the grass is gone, mulch spread, peonies are coming along

our busiest corner behind the rose, and oakleaf hydrangea

not working in our birdbath corner as a family of cardinals has taken residence

here is mom in her nest

and on my side . . . all the grass is gone!

added a oakleaf hydrangea and cyprus tree

moving things around a bit yet

all along the fence line . . . we will get rid of the chain link!

my side looking to the house, mulch still needs spreading more

my holly hedge and the new bench near the house

opportunity . . . so much area to decide on filling . . .


New property picked up in Brookings . . .

the driveway

looking down into the creek

approaching the house as you come up the driveway

front of the house

two car garage with loft and shop

front of house from garage perspective

along the west side of the house

entertainment center

a few blackberries


neighbors fence

a few more neighbors

pump house toward garden

driveway loop

east side of the house

back of the house

looking across backyard

another shot of the backyard

entrance gate

driveway marker


along side of the driveway

Halloween coming around again . . .

Fire place mantle

front of the house

alley way

back door

back yard side east

back yard side west

alley from the backyard

back yard

ghosts watching the grave stones

screeching ghost in the tree

a little ghool to show the way . . .

mice and rats at play

Halloween night . . .
later halloween night . . .
ghosties in the graveyard . . .
neighbor down the street . . . 
early evening . . . many more to come . . .
neighbor checks out the alley . . . and others on the street
I don't do well as the night comes on . . . got to learn!