I know, I know . . . long time since the last post . . .

There have been a few significant changes since the last post . . . things are moving along . . .

It all starts with water undermining the kitchen and porch . . .

and it continues into the backyard . . . where it is time to get rid of the stepping stones . . .

with the new base we are putting in the new old walk

with some help from our native friends . . .

The view from the front through the alley . . .

ok, so another front view . . .

And putting the porch back together . . . very close to done

and the halloween decorations accumulating getting ready to decorate . . .

So, here is the new backyard . . . the grass will go away and let the planting begin!


I've been a bad boy . . . so long since I've posted anything!

Well, lets start with Jo's house . . . we finally decided on new plants for the front!

And we have been working on the back porch . . . a bit more to do, but it is looking good . . .
Curtains are back to be hemmed right and that gutter and facia are pending replacement.  And notice the stucco is painted! . . . still have the siding to replace, but the whole back of the building is all one color now!!

Then there is my house . . . it is painted! the downspout is straightened out and the trim is all repaired.
So much nicer . . . still haven't chosen and door and shutter color . . . and the next picture is the back . . . just showing the painting done all around. 


Construction finished . . . we have a kitchen . . . pending painting . . . and curtains . . . and . . . etc.

Coming in the back door you see . . .

Then turn to look at the stove . . .

Walk in and look back toward the door . . .

This is the wall you are following in from the back door down the hall . . .

as you head down the hall toward the dining room . . .

here is the hall down between the butler pantries . . . the kitchen pantry, broom closet and a half bath.

a decent sized half bath

with fairly comfortable area . . . and curtains are coming!

The broom closet pull out . . . with storage closet above.

Dining room as you come in from the kitchen hall

Dining room looking back from the living room

The laundry has moved to the second floor . .  in the current master bath.

A good amount of linen closet space.

With more closets on the other side . . .

and the machines in the middle.
It has been a long time coming . . . still have the bathroom to finish, but I think painting the kitchen and dining room is the first priority . . . and perhaps the outside stucco painting . . .


Decided to get out for a sunday drive . . . during Hurricane Hermine . . . As you can see, it wasn't too tough a hurricane to put up with!

Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plants Across the river.

Delaware River looking south from St Augustine

Watching the horrible Hurricane Hemine

Trying to show the windy conditions . . .check out the gulls

gulls working to stay in place . . .

moved up to Delaware City and looking across to Pea Patch Island

Delaware City, this is the state park on the river . . .

Pea Patch Island built as a fort but used as a prison during the civil war

I'll assume this is a dredge . . . just sitting a little up river from Delaware City


The New House . . . built in 1822 per documents I've seen . . . but I haven't been through the deeds yet to verify it!
It is the other side of the alley from Jo's . . . with one really ugly porch on the front!


Access to basement
Dining Room


Living Room

Mud room

Inside the porch
The full bathroom
hall closet
Master bedroom
middle bedroom on 2nd floor
3rd froor back bedroom
3rd floor front bedroom
attic access


Lots of work . . . hope to get it done and get it rented!

Five bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, same size lot as Jo's, two parking spaces off street!  No garden in the backyard, yet. . . .